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iITGEN is a new division spun out of Host Collective, Inc. For over three decades, the staff at Host Collective has been managing traditional and cloud hosting infrastructures for various hosting brands including DiscountASP.NET and, large hosting businesses and enterprises. With the rise of cloud technologies, we have transitioned legacy infrastructures to private cloud environments, virtualized platforms, and public clouds. We currently manage several tens of thousands of applications and databases.

With our breadth of IT experience, we launched iITGEN with the mission to help small and medium sized businesses solve their IT challenges and transition their IT infrastructure into the future - even if that means extending legacy applications on modern private cloud environments. 

Our goal is to be an extension of our customer's IT team, allowing our customers to focus on and grow their core business.


iITGEN is a USA-based managed services provider and we host our infrastructure in data centers located in California, London, and Hong Kong. 

Simplify "IT" with iITGEN.



Contact us today and we can discuss your IT and hosting needs. 


We are ready to help your business adopt the cloud to become more efficient, productive and successful.

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